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  • User - anything or anyone that has access to a registered account on
  • Content/Information - any provided text, images, or any other shown media on the browser.
  • PayPal Subscription(s) - PayPal subscritpion. More information here.
  • Paid Plugins - plugins for MyBB that can be downloaded only from this website, by users who have subscribed to our paid services (through either PayPal Subscriptions or Credits Subscriptons).


Liability is not responsible for any misinterpretation of the information provided on this web site.
It is user's responsibility if there are any damage(s) caused by downloaded or viewed content.
Although is not responsible for any damaged caused by the supplied content, it is's duty to protect the end user from any damaged caused by the provided content or misinterpretation of the given information.
If the user has any questions or doubts regarding the featured content, the user should contact the Staff by clicking the Contact Us link located at bottom of every page or by sending a private message to one of the staff members.
Once more, takes no responsibility for any risks or damaged the user may take.

Paid Plugins and Paid Support does not permit any users to redistribute, in any kind of way, any content found on this website, unless the author of the content expressly authorizes its redistribution. can deny support to anyone for any reason.
Every Paid Plugin is released under's EULA and evey user that downloads it must follow it strictly.

This website is not forced to refund anyone in any case, unless decides to do it.
In case the payment is related to a PayPal subscription, users subscribe to services because they want or need and is not responsible for that.

No refunds are provided unless decides to prevent fraud and for copyright reasons.
In case accepts to refund a certain payment, the user who has made the payment loses all previleges previously received after making the payment.

Changes in Terms and Conditions has full rights to change the Terms and Conditions when necessary. However, this web site shall inform its users about the changes.

This document is governed by the laws of The United States of America and International Laws.
If you have any questions regarding this document, contact the Staff please.

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