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myDownloads - myBB 1.8.24 - sndcode - 01-19-2021

I LOVE This plugin ! Really nice work but theres ONE THING missing wich is a huge flaw :
Only admin group can approve new downloads.....

if moderators could approve new submissions too, this plugin would be PERFECT. but for now i cannot use it because i dont want my moderators to access my admin panel lol

RE: myDownloads - myBB 1.8.24 - Diogo Parrinha - 01-23-2021


Thank you for your feedback! We're not planning to change the way approvals work as we do not have time for free requests, sorry. If you wish to get a quote on that feature, you can request a custom quote in Custom Plugins -> Quotes & Discussion.

Best Regards,
Diogo Parrinha