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Clickable Link code for My Advertisements Ads - IBOgm - 08-29-2020

From a thread posted to the WallBB forum where I use the Go  Dark theme, I have successfully set up My Advertisements to display correctly.  Above where I am typing now, there is an ad on the WallBB forum who uses My Advertisements as well, that if clicked, will go to the website coded.  I have contacted them as well.

I have entered code into the My Advertisement | Advertisement Code field in the Tools tab under My Advertisements.  This sample url works just fine.

<a href=""><img src=">

However, when I go to add an unrelated post, and clicking on the Thread Subject: entry box, the URL above will launch unexpectedly.  Similarly there are a few other places that grabs that URL when touched.  

I have either used the wrong a href or not configured it correctly, or there may be an issue with the theme.  Being as WallBB is using My Advertisements, I expect I have something configured incorrectly.

Please advise.

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