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NGY Forums - Mr.Beetle - 07-18-2018

I'd like to welcome everyone to NGY Forums as we're a fully mixed collage of area's on the forum such as Development, gaming and discussions; We have an every for every type of individual as we have a strong sense of staff having a friendly knowledge of approaching and encouraging a good sensibility within the server. As we tend to have giveaways quite often for those who are intrigued in winning or even earning goodies. Wink

If you wish to challenge yourself then you can with guidance from other people who are acknowledged of certain languages or area's of experience, however we're open to welcoming everyone all over the world.

If you're a heavy buyer or seller we have the exact marketing section for you and much more! We're open to doing a partnership with every single server as we like to be acceptable and open to every opportunity we have!


Please Drop Ideal and Feedback below Please this is an new site

RE: NGY Forums - Diogo Parrinha - 07-18-2018

Good luck! Smile