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Problem with my advertisement error - Kingsolomon - 03-15-2018

I downloaded the plugin and uploaded it and try to active it but i get this error message 
Please some one should help out 
@Diogo Parrinha

MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.
SQL Error:1366 - Incorrect integer value: '' for column 'sid' at row 1Query:INSERT INTO get_settings (`sid`,`name`,`title`,`description`,`optionscode`,`value`,`disporder`,`gid`) VALUES ('','myadvertisements_disabled','Advertisements disabled?','Set to yes if you want to disable all advertisements.','yesno',0,1,61)
Please contact the MyBB Group for technical support.

RE: Problem with my advertisement error - Diogo Parrinha - 03-17-2018


I already replied to your post in another thread. You are not a paid subscriber, therefore you are not eligible for support. Anyway, I've replied to your other posts. Please do not create multiple posts for the same issue. This is also not a support section.