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Issues with NewPoints/Bank - eaportela - 12-11-2017

Hi guys,

Just to give everyone some background, I run a forum that aims to simulate the trappings of a country, called the Kingdom of the Union of Caputia. For a long time, I have been searching for a great plugin that runs on a MyBB board that gives people money based on their forum activity, has a bank, and has a shopping center - and the plugins in here do it! It was so great to be able to find these plugins.

I've installed them on my MyBB and been playing around, testing them, before we draft "legislation" (basically the rules of the economy and how it is run) and I've encountered many problems:

1. I created a central bank account and edited the account so it would have 10,000,000 points. That would be the big injection of money for circulation to kick off the economy. I deposited 9,999,999 in the bank. It disappeared from the bank completely.

2. I understand that there is a way to edit the amounts of points people have in the Maintenance tab. Is there a way to transfer the points from one inactive account to the Central Bank? Or do you just edit the inactive account to say zero and then edit the Central Bank account to have the points that you just took away from the inactive user?

3. At the bottom of the Maintenance tab, I see this message: "/hermes/bosnaweb21a/b45/glo.eaportela/mncommunities/hamland/community/inc/plugins/newpoints/languages/english/admin/newpoints_bank.lang.php does not exist". It won't display a button to confirm edits to users, but it will if I hit enter while the field is active.

4. Is there a way to set up things like monthly salaries and taxes? It would be easy to set up taxes via rules - if you have X amount of points, you pay X% of those points in taxes, or if you are in X usergroup you get paid X every month.

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