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Newpoints counting income incorrectly - RedSensei - 08-29-2017

I have a problem as in the title. Imagine the situation - I want users to get points PER CHARACTER, doesn't matter if that's a new thread or new post. In this situation, when I enter 0 in both "Per Post" and "Per Thread" (as I don't care for number of posts, I care for the lenght) and for example 0.01 in "Per Character", I don't get any points at all for posting. I tried setting "Per Post" to 0.01 and it helped for normal posts (users get 0.01 + points for characters), but when I did the same with "Per Thread" plugin just gives the user 0.01 for new thread and doesn't count the characters. I tried reinstalling the plugin, changing the income settings, but nothing works. Any ideas?

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