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Custom Dice Roller System - Dione - 03-13-2016

Looking for something similar to this code

Need it so that people can choose how many dice and how many sides to throw and once you post the code say [2d6s] (two six sided dice would get rolled) and the post is up if you go in and edit the post you the code won't reappear so you can edit or retold. Let me know if this is possible!

RE: Custom Dice Roller System - Diogo Parrinha - 03-13-2016

You already have a thread in the Quotes and Discussion forum. Please use that.


RE: Custom Dice Roller System - Grumpykitty - 04-28-2017

I am as well looking for a dice roller that would post in threads. I need it for my gaming site. It would be great for players to roll dice in their forums that they create, and great for GM's to acknowledge that roll. I'd like it to be a 2d with a choice of diff box once rolled it would be placed auto in the thread that you rolled it in. Smile Sorry If I wasn't allowed to PM this. Smile The Dice roller I need is a 2d 20 sorry if I failed to mention that also I'm on a very fixed income.. Im disabled and this is my only fun I enjoy while online.. if we can work out a small bit of detail with the payment system or such... I'd be happy camper. Like I said I can really use this dice roller for my gaminng.

Thank you

RE: Custom Dice Roller System - Diogo Parrinha - 04-28-2017

Hi there!

Please post in the Quotes & Discussion subforum to receive a quote.