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Purchase Credits 2.0.1 - Diogo Parrinha - 09-08-2014

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Note: this is a NewPoints plugin and therefore requires NewPoints to be installed on your forum.

Purchase Credits allows board administrators to setup points packages on their MyBB forum to be purchased by users.

  • Multiple packages.
  • Payment types: PayPal, Payza (previously known as AlertPay) and CoinPayments
  • Logs all payments.
Payments logs can be viewed on ACP -> NewPoints -> Packages -> PayPal Logs, Payza Logs or CoinPayments Logs.

[Image: 2wZ6Ew4t.png]
[Image: ktJTdNTt.png]

Change Log
  • Fixed bug in checkbox for CoinPayments when editing a package in the AdminCP - the checkbox would always show the actual value of PayPal checkbox.
  • Payment types can now be assigned to individual packages.
  • Supports CoinPayments
  • Added new currencies (including BTC)
  • Fixed minor bugs (mostly text related)
  • ACP Submit buttons wouldn't display on PHP7
  • PayPal compliance changes.
  • Compatible with NewPoints 2.0.
  • GPB was supposed to be GBP.
Please read the documentation.

Our EULA can be found here.

Download is attached to this post.

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