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My Permissions 1.4 - Diogo Parrinha - 08-22-2014

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My Permissions is a plugin for MyBB which allows you control permissions (NOT IN ACP) that you can't control using the default permissions system.
For example, if there's a plugin you're using that doesn't have any permissions settings, you can use this plugin to restrict usage.

You can choose which field and which value get filtered and which usergroups are affected.

This is an advanced plugin, that means only advanced users might be able to use this plugin to its limits.


Change Log
* Added MyBB 1.8 compatibility.
* Fixed bug in file check.
* Re-worded one the description of the groups field.

* It is now possible to choose a field name and a respective value (instead of the previous default 'action' field).
* Permission rules are now sorted by filename (ascending order).
* Empty field name now means that all field names are affected - similar to a wildcard.
* Fixed a few language typos.
* Permission rules are now cached saving one query per page.

* Guests group was not being shown in the list.

* Changed license to GPLv3.
* Compatible with MyBB 1.6 only.
* Now shows a list of user groups instead of asking for the group ID's.

Plugin is attached to this post.

Tutorial on how to use it!
See here:

Thanks Sama34

If you find any bugs, please report them please. (if you're not a subscriber, fee free to PM me for bug reports, not for support)

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