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My thoughts on MyBB Plugins - supernova - 04-29-2014

I have subscribed to MyBB plugins, and am extremely happy with the service.

The support is extremely fast, and the plugins are high-quality, easy to install and fully functional.

As I mentioned the support is extremely fast, I have never failed to receive a fully explained answer, providing me with exactly what I need, opposed to previous experience.

If I ever require custom plugins in the future, I will definitely go with MyBB plugins.

Thank you Pirate & Staff for your awesome dedication.

If anyone reading this is considering purchasing a subscription, do not hesitate.
The staff at MyBB plugins know their stuff

- SuperNova

RE: My thoughts on MyBB Plugins - Diogo Parrinha - 04-30-2014

Woah, thanks! I appreciate the comments Smile