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[Image: logo.jpg]

GThree Forums. A community aimed at bringing together members with common interests like Gaming or Graphic designing or maybe even those who just want to chill out and have fun in a relaxed environment.

Me and a group of enthusiastic members were all responsible for its development and after toiling away for weeks, the result is a fun and enjoyable community for everyone. With a multitude of members and activities, the forum is a place for pretty much anyone with time to kill and loneliness to extinguish. The more dedicated members, however, enjoy themselves even more while growing to become part of the community.
So far, we have attained 13,000+ posts and 180+ members.

Among some of its many features, the forum includes:
  • Achievements system [by Pirata Nervo]
  • Awards [MyAwards by Labrocca]
  • Elite groups
  • Sponsored Champions Online group
  • Customized, sleek and beautiful one of a kind theme
  • Fun Minecraft Server
  • Amazing and rapidly growing content
  • And much more to come

Please note that the graphics section is not viewable to guests. If you think you'll like the forum, then join. If you're not really interested, then feel free to leave some feedback on the thread. Maybe more sections can be added if needed. Smile

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RE: [Graphics - Gaming - General] - Diogo Parrinha - 05-01-2012

That's a nice looking forum.

RE: [Graphics - Gaming - General] - BlackChaos - 05-17-2012

Glad you like it Pirata. Your plugins are a huge hit there. Smile

RE: [Graphics - Gaming - General] - JohnC - 06-15-2012

Wow very good job!

RE: [Graphics - Gaming - General] - BlackChaos - 06-15-2012

Thanks a lot John. I appreciate your positive feedback! Smile

RE: [Graphics - Gaming - General] - - 06-16-2012

good site !