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StyleMyBB - Andraž Rihtar - 10-01-2010


I'm posting about a brand new theme site from the authors of SimBlue.
I'm proud to announce StyleMyBB; a place to download great themes, learn from brilliant tutorials and show off your own pieces of work. We aim to produce some of the best themes for MyBB and hopefully grow to be a large community.

From the 1st October till the 31st you can get a lifetime subscription for only $5! Simply contact me and after the purchase you'll instantly be able to access all the downloads and information for a lifetime. After that period of time, the price will $10 per subscription.
Note: You can ge subscription by the promotional price only by contacting me (Andraž Rihtar). Promotional price doesn't apply to the subscription page located on!

So please register and take a look at what we have to offer today and we hope you enjoy styling your MyBB with our themes!

[Image: bigger.png]