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everyBB - The forum owners community - ByteHunter - 07-10-2010

Hi guys and girls. I want to present you my new website, everyBB (eBB).
eBB is not just a simple webmaster forum, it is the forum you need if you are a forum webmaster or you plan to launch a forum. We know how great is to be an owner of a community, doesn't matter how big is it.
If you own a small forum than you can learn how to grow and improve, if you own a big forum than you can learn how to earn money from your website. You can also post your success stories.
You can sell your forum, buy new forums, hire coders and posters, or offer your coding and posting services, and much more.
By posting you can earn e$ and you can redeem them for free advertising and other things you need to improve your forum.

Let me know if you have any suggestions. If you're interested you are invited to join, we are a fast growing community. (2.000+ posts/250+ topics/ and nearly 100 users in less than a month)

Best regards,