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Full Version: Need Help: Plugins Screen MySQL Error
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Let me preface this by saying I barely know what I am doing with My BB in general. But I have been running my forum with newpoints for a few years now and haven't had a problem. 

Today someone tried to register a new account and sent me an error screen they were receiving. It had something to do with the Newpoints Shop. So I thought I would disable the shop plug in. 

I went to the Admin Control Panel, clicked the Newpoints tab. Clicked Plugins and clicked uninstall or disable. I dont remember which. 

That fixed the problem with new users registering accounts, but it broke that screen in the Admin Control Panel. I can no longer click the Plugins category under the new points tab. It has this error:

[Image: xGr5pGk.png]

How can I fix this and add the shop back? Please and thank you.

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