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Full Version: Newpoints MyRPG
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Integrates a powerful RPG system to your Newpoints installation.

See requirements.

See installation instructions.

See update instructions.

Newpoints MyRPG at GitHub

Download from the GitHub .

Please note that this far only the character system (ACP end) has been started.

The character system is fairly simple at the moment. Please provide feedback if you feel like doing so.

P.S: The fighting system will likely be the last part to code, next one should be the guilds/clan system.
Much appreciated!
Wow! I'm looking for a smiliar system since 1.6.x
Now I'm considering to come back to MyBB when it reach to 2.0
I'm glad to see someone making an RPG system for mybb. I remember years ago a fantastic rpg system called Dungeons and Rabbits for phpbb and it was just out of this world great. Hope you can implement the same features as it had.

Here is a sourceforge link with pics if it helps you with ideas
hows the progress for this going?
Tried activating in ACP, but no luck. Just shows a white page
Is this still going to be a thing?

And I am having the same issue as wabbit.

i wanted to activate this Plugin but all i got is the following error
[Image: 31838023c0.png]

i think the installation worked, because after that i can activate/deinstall the plugin. but i can't activate it.