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Full Version: Question about subscriptions
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The last "Mysubscriptions" implemented on this forum, only redirect to pay with paypal and don't see card option !!
how to pay directly with credit card if i don't have a payal account ?

We do not accept Credit Card payments for safety reasons.
if i subscribe can i get version with card payment support ?
or Mydonation (donation bar) -> members can donate using credit card ?
For MySubscriptions, yes you can use the credit card option Smile For donations, there shouldn't be any limitations unless imposed by PayPal itself and I am not responsible for that.
here is my problem :

I have verified personal paypal account , and added a "subscribe" (tested with donate) button as signature, and when i click on, i m redirected directly to paypal without problem. But only display paypal payment option and no option to chose payment with credit card (in this case subscriber need to open paypal account).
can you confirm if MySubscription can offer the 2 options "possibility to pay directly with credit card" and "possibility to pay with paypal account" using verified personal paypal account.
I'm not understanding your question and I'm not understanding what you did.

Here's what MySubscriptions allows you to do:
1. Create a auto-renewal plan: SUBSCRIBE button
2. Create a one time payment plan: BUY NOW button.

Type 2 does not accept credit cards. Whether Type 1 accepts or not, that's up to PayPal to decide if they want to give the user that option, it's not up to MySubscriptions.
ok thanks.
No problem Smile