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Full Version: Shop 1.9.4
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Integrates a Shop system with NewPoints.

The Shop plugin comes with the following features:
  • Admin CP
    • Can create/edit/delete categories
    • Can create/edit/delete items
    • Settings:
      • Send Items - Allow users to send items to other users.
      • Sell Items - Allow users to sell items.
      • Last Purchases - Number of last purchases to show in statistics.
      • Sell Percentage - The (discounted) rate at which items can be sold for.
      • Can view others's inventories - Allow users to view other users' inventories. Note, admins always are able to view other users' inventories.
      • Items on profile - Number of items to show in profile page. Set to 0 to disable this feature.
    • Can edit user's inventories
  • Shop page
    • Items seperated by categories
    • Can buy items
    • Can view own inventory
    • Can view others's inventories (depending on the settings)
    • Can sell items (depending on the settings)
    • Can send items (depending on the settings)
    • Can view last purchases (from the statistics page)
  • Items have:
    • name
    • description
    • price
    • stock
    • limit per user
    • icon
    • an option to allow/disallow selling
    • an option to allow/disallow sending
    • an option to set if the item is hidden or not
    • an option to be PM items - that is, an item which contains a PM which is sent to whoever buys it.
  • Categories have:
    • name
    • description
    • icon
    • display order
    • an option to set which user groups can view the category and its items
    • an option to set if the category is hidden or not
  • Items can be shown in profile
  • Items can be shown in postbit

See readme.htm

Thanks to
Thanks to:

Change Log
Add new hooks for easy integration.

Fixed bug which would override icon upon item editing if no icon was set.

Fixed problem with expanding and collapsing categories.

Fixed a problem with the DECIMAL fields.


Added confirm window for buying items.
Fixed problem with MySQL STRICT
Added a new field for PM to be sent to admins.
Added two new settings for default PM content.
Fixed items_rate field bug (was 3,3 previously)

Added compatibility with NewPoints 2.x


If you have any questions, ask them at MyBB-Plugins.

Download is attached to this post.

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