Purchase Credits 2.0.1 released and NewPoints 2.1.2 released .
Poll: Why did you subscribe?
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Receive Support
18 33.96%
Download Exclusive Plugins
35 66.04%
Total 53 vote(s) 100%
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Why did you subscribe?

I'm creating this poll so I get a clear view of how many users subscribed to receive support and how many users subscribe to actually download our paid plugins.

Please participate! Thank you.
To download our paid plugins and receive support you must be a paid subscriber. Click here for more information.
I choose to vote for exclusive plugins option, but I've subscribed for both. Most of the time I don't need any support, but when I do I like it to be on the level.
Well as far as the plugins go I only use one which I got with my one month membership. So I guess it would be the support I like the most, but I really wanted to support this great site. Hope the site keeps going strong and keep the plugins coming!
I`ve voted for plugins too. In some special cases i need some support. But i want to support this site, like Taylor, with my subscription. Smile
Regards from Germany
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I've voted for the exclusive plugins, the quality of them are damn too good but the support has been top quality too!

[Image: glas.png]
Good to hear your opinions. I'd just like to clarify that you can vote both, if you believe that's the case.
To download our paid plugins and receive support you must be a paid subscriber. Click here for more information.
It was both for me, but the need for MySubscriptions plugin is what made me do it. The support has also been given in a very professional and timely manner. I have learned quite a great deal from this site, so I will continue to support it...Thank you Pirata!
I started with hiring you for some custom plugins, and I was very satisfied with your support and work ethic. I figured that I'd purchase a subscription to support you. The exclusive plugins don't hurt either. Tongue
I subscribed because of the two exclusive plugins in your site (MyDownloads and MyAchievements). Can't say I regret it.
Support PM's will be ignored. Exclamation
Mostly for MyAchievements really.

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