Purchase Credits 2.0.1 released and NewPoints 2.1.2 released .
Why MyBB-Plugins is not in official list?
I was checking MyBB.com download page
and i saw a list of MyBB Resources sites
and MyBB-Plugins.com was not there

I think we should be there.
That would give us a lot of chances of get new users


What do you think people?

P.D MyBB.Com was already purchased
Why don't delete the banner?

[Image: glas.png]
I've just contacted MyBB about that, waiting for a reply.
I haven't removed the banner yet because I don't think they have sent the full amount of money, I believe they're still trying to reach 3,000 to finalize the payment.
To download our paid plugins and receive support you must be a paid subscriber. Click here for more information.
I have made a List of Plugin Websites, that MyBB-Plugins is listed.
[Image: screenshot20100728at238.png]
Join us today! Smile

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