MyDonations 1.4.2 released .
Upgrade/my subscription.php custom text
Hi I am just asking how u get the custom text like this on upgrade & my subscription.PvP

Before subscribing, please read our TOS.

All subscription plan give you the following:
Access to MyBB 1.8.x paid plugins
Access to MyBB 1.6.x paid plugins***
Access to MyBB 1.4.x paid plugins***
1.8 Plugins Support**
General MyBB 1.8 Support
Access to MyUpdates*
Access to Tips & Tricks posted by other subscribers or us.
Can create a thread for their website in the Website Reviews forum.
No advertisements.
*MyUpdates is a system which allows users to manage the plugins provided by us (click-to-download, remove, check for updates).
** Each author is responsible for providing support. We can only guarantee you that you will receive support for official plugins.
*** MyBB 1.4 and MyBB 1.6 plugins are not supported, although they are available for download.
If you PM me asking me to download and give you a paid plugin, you'll be reported to Pirata and be left a negative rep. If you want the plugin, then pay for a subscription, you cheap skates! Angry  Angry

You can modify the mysubscriptions* templates in the Global templates set Smile
To download our paid plugins and receive support you must be a paid subscriber. Click here for more information.

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