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Hello everyone, i look for someone that can install a couple of plugins i know what it want but i have not the time to do it by myself.

- things that i need is [hide] function that people can use (post before you see full post)

- a part where people can upgrade ther membership, payments in coins and paypal

- when people pay for a membership i want them to have the name blinking in collors

- a shoutbox

- category tabs

- like post option

- achievements

i have a example of the page i like and the stuff i want.

i hope someone can help me, as fast as possible, i make a couple of new boards if we are both happy afther this job we can do more bussiness.

Greatings Ilona.

If you wish, we can provide you a quote, I just ask you to post here:

Best Regards,
Diogo Parrinha
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