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MyDonations 1.4.1 released and Hide Content 1.4.1 released .
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newpoints shop SQL Error:
1364 - Field 'newpoints_items' doesn't have a default value
Query: makes it so users cant register and i want the shop so idk why this is i try to fix also id like coin toss and maybe roulette casino for newpoints
ill stay subscribe only if this is fixed and more to come

You've already posted the same question here:
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I love your work Jordan, I am back into mybb and will buy some custom plugins from you soon I just been working 7 days a week Big Grin.
im subscribe man i need
Hide content until reply for mybb1.8
i just bought and coinpayments got confirmed

The transaction ID of this payment is: CPEF6IBWEIJWFHUR5YIGGOAL0P
Craigslist as of late began to require for telephone checked records to Afghanistan Mobile Number List post in sensual area. Sooner or later it began to spread to all administrations. Numerous advertisers are currently battling to post more in this segment.

From 1 record you can post 1 post at regular intervals. To post more you should get more records. The issue is that you must have one of a kind telephone number (no voip) to confirm your record. There are numerous alternatives to pick while purchasing telephone confirmed craigslist accounts.

To locate the correct help discover one where you can contact the proprietor and pose a few inquiries. Additionally it is acceptable to search for certain tributes or remarks about this site before buying you accounts. There are numerous individuals searching for speedy buck, be cautious.

While posting with numerous records make sure to transform you IP regularly. A few people case to change each post yet from my experience each couple of posts is fine. To change your IP you will require a web association giving unique IP.

The following tip that can build your promotion execution is to consistently utilize extraordinary advertisement variety and one of a kind title. Attempt consistently to change your advertisement to appear to be unique, utilize diverse connection and text. That will keep you from hailing.

On the off chance that you don't have numerous craigslist telephone checked records attempt to center to post just in top urban areas. You may check Alexa first to see top traffic urban areas. Additionally you can utilize rundown of top urban communities on Craigslist landing page. The great propensity is to follow your promotions and snaps to see which urban areas work best for you.

There are numerous speculations what number of advertisements would you be able to post from one telephone confirmed craigslist account. As I would see it a spare standard is to post close to 1 post like clockwork. You may attempt more 2,3 and perceive how it functions for you.

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