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[Solved] Mysubscriptions insert into DB not working
Everything works perfectly fine up until line 286 in mysubscriptions_paypal2.php.
It just either hangs or crashes. 
I am not that experienced with php, but I tried both exceptions and assigning the result of the query to a variable and get it to show me an error, but it never reached that line.
The only things I have changed is the email and I inserted this on line 104 because I am lazy: 
"curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_CAINFO, "C:/cert/cacert.pem");"
I also want to inform you that I am running everything on IIS and everything else in the plugin works perfectly fine this far (I can manually create users and they get inserted, I can create plans, I see the IPN in paypal, all tables have been created, the task file is working fine etc).
Emails are also working fine with debugging btw.
The way I found out it was that exact line is just by pure trial and error and inserting email calls before and after to see where the code never reached.

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