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Sinisterly (formerly known as Anarchy Forums) is a technology forum that was created in August of 2012. With experienced and friendly users, we are one of the best technology forums on the web. The forum has over 60 sections - each filled with content, a custom theme, and a dedicated community. Forum discussion ranges from system security to graphic design and gaming. If it involves technology, our forum has it. Our community's reach isn't limited to just the forum, but also outside of it.

Sinisterly has a variety of content, tutorials, and its own economy (using the Newpoints system). Usergroup upgrades aren't earned by donating, but instead by being active and contributing to the forum. Our forum also promotes freedom of speech and information. That means we allow any content provided it follows U.S. laws. Regardless of if you are an experienced network administrator with 10+ years of experience or the average teenager, you will surely enjoy being a part of the community.

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