Purchase Credits 2.0.1 released and NewPoints 2.1.2 released .
Plugins moved from ShopMyBB
Hello everyone,

I'd like to say that WinPulse Scanner has been released for free on this website and on MyBB. It was previously available at ShopMyBB.com like MyAchievements.

MyAchievements is also available on this website but only for paid subscribers (even though I had said in the past that paid plugins would only be plugins that would allow the admin to get money, I decided to take my word back for this plugin since we had about 14 purchases and it would not be fair for those who've purchased it).

Those who've purchased MyAchievements have also the right to claim a free one year subscription in case they haven't subscribed already (due to the updates I may release).

Feel free to discuss this here.
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