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New point
Hello my friend i whant to now about newpoint sistem

So cand you make a detail tutorial about how to setup ,how is working (whyt exampels),me self i setap me forum,but blindly..because all the info is not whyt examples to understand exacly what theat functions is or what his affecting.

So in my case for about 1 week i dont understand how the Income Rate* sistem works, from the Forum Rules

end for the User Group Rules i dont understand how is working the Income Rate* whant happingin when is for Default is 1

i per example i whant to give regulari for the user 2 point for on thrent the is something like 2point x 1 income rate

so if i set thie to about 2 income rate is somthing like 2point x 2 income rates is 4 gold...?!?!?!? somthing like theat?

In my Group rules i have other functions i dont now if this functions come white other plugins or this is default for newpoints.

Items Rate
Items prices are multiplied by this number. Default is 1

Format Style Rate
Format styles prices are multiplied by this number. Default is 1

Please exmplan to me how to setap this 2 others funtions end how is afecting me on some forums.

I setup my forum but i dont understand exacly how the newpoint calculate some staff so i have the big surprize theat is setap something like this

Source Amount Paid
New Post 0.05 points
New Thread 2 points
New Poll 0.1 points
Per Character 0.5 points
Minimum Characters 1000 Chars points
New Registration 100 points
Per Poll Vote 0.5 points
Per Reply 0.1 points
Per PM Sent 0.01 points
Per Rate 1 points
Per Page View 0 points
Per Visit 0 points
Per Referral 100 points

End i have a big surprize when some of my active users get about 2k gold for 5 trends end 10 posts how the newpoints calculet all things.

I have isntalled the following plugins for newpoints

Bank System (2.2)
Buy Format (1.0)
Buy Usertitle and Username (1.2)
Lottery (2.0)
Pay For Sticky (1.1)
Purchase Credits (1.1)
Shop (1.8)
Subscriptions (1.2.1)

End the probleme numer 2 i have a big probleme white the shop i dont now how is working please give me some examples ,whant cand i sell on the shop,after the user buy the item,he cand sendit to other user end sell(where?).

Thx for your support end please answer me white alot of details because i what to maket good.

Sorry for my bad englez.

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