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Needing a bit of help.
First of all, thanks for this mod.  I need some help setting up a specific system in newpoints that I'm sure it can do, but I'm having issues with it.

I run a military-simulation group, and I utilize newpoints as "Promotion Points" where members are granted points manually each month based on participation at events and such.

Also, on a per usergroup basis, I want to automatically grant them 2 promotion points each every 15 days (1,296,000 seconds).  However, whenever I set this on each group it seems to go up exponentially every time I refresh a page or visit a page.

As an example, a new user should have 0 points.  If they participate in every event in the month they should end with 10 points (8 events/month + the 2 automatic points).....but for whatever reason instead of 10 points....many of them ended up with 5,000 points or so.

I reset everyone back to 0 and deleted all of my group settings and then set up 2 group settings to test with:

Group A (my group): Income rate of 1, Points to pay: 1, How often the group is paid: 120 seconds.
Group B (separate group): Income rate of 1, Points to pay: 1, How often group is paid: 120 seconds.

I load a thread and group A points do not go up, group B points go up by 1.  I refresh the page and group A does not go up and group B goes up by 1.  In can repeat this on each page refresh then and each separate page load that group B continues to go up.

Fixed the issue with a group not going up (user didn't have that group as their PRIMARY group).

Issue still exists where instead of applying x points every x seconds to a group, it will increment by 1 or more if the page is refreshed, or each page view

What am I doing wrong here?

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