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MyDonations 1.4.1 released and Hide Content 1.4.1 released.
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MySubscriptions 2.3.4

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MySubscriptions allows board administrators to setup PayPal subscriptions on their MyBB forum.

  • Supports PayPal and CoinPayments.
  • Multiple subscription plans.
  • Option to create a plan which adds a usergroup to users's additional groups list when subscribing (instead of changing the primary group) - this allows a user to have multiple subscriptions on the site.
  • Subscriptions logs (subscription creation, subscription expiration).
  • Automatically removes someone from a usergroup they have subscribed once the subscription has expired.
  • Recurring subscriptions are not supported since version 2.3.0.
  • Payments stats page on the Admin CP which shows a list of subscribers to one-off subscriptions in a certain period of time plus total subscribers for each plan and total income.
  • It is possible to set, for each plan, which usergroups can see it and therefore subscribe to it.
  • Each plan can have a custom PM.

[Image: ayXSuDMs.png?1] [Image: aRYaUdEs.png] [Image: 4ELILxVs.png] [Image: g7eqcOps.png]

Please read the documentation.

Our EULA can be found here.

Change Log
- Fixed bug in UserCP and ACP active subscriptions pages.

- Fixed bug in ACP - Active Subscriptions.
- Fixed other minor bugs.

- Fixed typo in function call.

- Slotted subscriptions (admins can specify a maximum number of subscribers per plan)
- Plans may have multiple accepted periods (rather than just one)
- Recurring subscriptions have been removed due to code compatibility/feature support.
- PHP7 compatibility.

- Subscription plans now have a display order.

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