MyDonations 1.4.2 released .
MyChatbox 1.1
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Adds a chatbox to MyBB 1.8.

  • Permissions per group: allowed to view, post, edit, delete and commands.
  • Allow MyCode.
  • Allow IMG tags.
  • Allow video tags.
  • Chatbox logs.
  • Custom message displayed for users that cannot view the shoutbox.
  • Manage bans from Users & Groups -> MyChatbox.
  • Special commands:
    • /clear => clears all messages.
    • /clear dd/mm/yy => clears all messages since the specified date.
  • NewPoints compatibility: price per message.
  • NewPoints compatibility: groups exempt from fees.

[Image: jWDXgpWs.png] [Image: S64bHOBs.png] [Image: gVd42SOs.png]
[Image: GNeIVFCs.png] [Image: fkqdckbs.png]

Please read the documentation.

Change Log
- Usernames are now formatted according to their display group.
- MyChatbox is now collapsible.
- {mychatbox} would display for those without permissions to view it. The placeholder no longer shows.
- Those with MySQL STRICT mode setups would have a hard time installing the plugin.

Our EULA can be found here.

Download is attached to this post.

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