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MyDonations 1.4.1 released and Hide Content 1.4.1 released.
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Love MyBB but...

I've been using WordPress.org for years and now that I want to operate forums, the bbpress plugin (for WordPress) just doesn't cut it. Neither does phpBB so gladly, I found MyBB. Stable and seemingly secure, even against bots and sploggers.


I'd like to see a kind of plugin integration like in WordPress, with the practical "update" feature and easy-as-pie plugin discovery and install.

I'm aware I'm asking for a lot but if nobody asks, nothing will happen, right?

Thanks for this amazing forum script!

This is not the official MyBB forums. You can find the official site at http://www.MyBB.com/
[Image: 9Uv2bQq.gif]

Damn! By pure mistake I found I had paid money to an "unofficial" MyBB forum just to get support on a plugin.
So sad Sad

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