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In MyBB, how do I define that which is 'undefined'?
In MyBB, how do I define that which is 'undefined'?

The best way to explain what I mean is to go to my web forum and click on the login prompt at the top of the page:


Click on the login prompt

What results is this prompt:


Now, the button that says "undefined" means "Login" the check box, on the other hand, has a purpose that I do not understand and should be commented out (coding lingo).

I have done my best to try to narrow down where this is happening. The string "undefined" is located in too many places for me to guess where to look.

The member.php has a switch statement that i can tell is called when you click on the Login option:

// Make navigation
    case "register":
    case "do_register":
    case "activate":
    case "resendactivation":
    case "lostpw":
    case "resetpassword":
    case "login":
    case "emailuser":

The "add_bredcrumb" function is defined in the functions.php like this:

* Add a breadcrumb menu item to the list.
* @param string The name of the item to add
* @param string The URL of the item to add
function add_breadcrumb($name, $url="")
    global $navbits;

    $navsize = count($navbits);
    $navbits[$navsize]['name'] = $name;
    $navbits[$navsize]['url'] = $url;

Here is what I suspect is going on. The member.lang.php file has a set of assignments. If an assignment is missing, there is a default label called "undefind" that is put in its place.

But I do not know how to track down the varable for the login button or the check box label. Please offer some advice.
The language variables are not being loaded.
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