MyDonations 1.4.2 released .
Important info for developers
Plugin files

Plugin files must go in inc/plugins/newpoints

Language files
Language files should go in inc/plugins/newpoints/languages/LANGUAGENAME/
(if it's an admin language file, should go under inc/plugins/newpoints/languages/LANGUAGENAME/admin)

To load a language file, run this function:
PHP Code:

Add option to menu
If you want to add an option to the menu in the NewPoints page, make sure you hook to 'newpoints_default_menu' and use the function you want to be used, like this:
PHP Code:
function plugincodename_menu(&$menu)
    global $mybb$lang;
($mybb->input['action'] == 'plugincodename')
        $menu[] = "&raquo; <a href=\"{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/newpoints.php?action=plugincodename\">".$lang->plugincodename."</a>";
[] = "<a href=\"{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/newpoints.php?action=plugincodename\">".$lang->plugincodename."</a>";

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