Purchase Credits 2.0.1 released and NewPoints 2.1.2 released .

I'm just a new user here.

But got some idea's.

I have own Gaming community and we are using mybb 1.6 for our website!.
But we have some missing functionality on the mybb source.

So i got some idea's:


Adding a team.
Name, Teamtag, Active game(s), Member names.
Team information. and latest and upcomming results/matches.

Maybe it will be nice, if you can make a Teamprofile.
With some advanced information about the and the history of the team.


Results, Map, what and the total of players.
The oppenend and league or cine of match.
ESL Match, Funmatch etc etc.

And upcomming matches with a nice statistic bar./zone of the played matches.

categorized by game.

Nice overview of all teams.

Ok this are idea's and plugins i need for my website <snip>
But i think if the plugins are available much more people will use mybb cause it's very good system to work with!.

I thank you now alot for the attention and i hope it will comes out for mybb.

And i'm sorry for the bad lanuage, but i'm a belgian xd
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