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Icy Forums: General Discussion & More
[Image: CpBKvYs.png]

Features Coming soon:
  • Automatic Awards System
  • Advanced Virtual Market System

Why join us?:

We started a few days ago and already have great activity and we have daily visitors, contributors, both friendly members and staff who are willing to help you where you need. We have promising activity and Administrators who are willing to put time and effort in the forum, which you can already see evident from our work on some custom features and the theme.

Me and My Co-Administator have experience of Development Languages like JAVA, Delpi, JScripts, PHP, VB.Net and funds with inspiration that inspire us to continue or work. We promise never to give up on the forum and this forum will never be sold, merged or closed or you will find your effort wasted, so I suggest you give us a try.

Refer your friends and what, they might be just interested in staying. First 50 members who join and achieve 100 posts get the veteran award.

Weekly Omega Discounts

We're having a weekly discount on the Omega Upgrade. For a limited time of two days, the upgrade will cost $7 only.

You can subscribe at:

Quick Links:



Posts: 37,000+
Threads: 3600+
Members: 700+
[Image: XLBMF8Y.png]
Our members have made a total of 3,573 posts in 299 threads.
We currently have 109 members registered.
Please welcome our newest member, Philosophical
The most users online at one time was 39 on 07-17-2014 at 11:29 PM
[Image: XLBMF8Y.png]
Our members have made a total of 4,696 posts in 401 threads.
We currently have 124 members registered.
Please welcome our newest member, Jopy
The most users online at one time was 39 on 07-17-2014 at 11:29 PM
[Image: XLBMF8Y.png]
Not a big list of updates, but a lot has been fixed so far and more will be coming shortly.
  • Set a fixed theme width.
  • Made some Changes to Header.
  • Added Clickable Usergroup Legend in Footer.
  • Awards: HF, FK & YouTube have been added.
  • Fixed PM Errors.
  • Banned Users Page has been fixed.
  • ProStats tweaked. Removed the unnecessary stats.
  • Ajax Tagging Added while Posting.
  • Nova Upgrade is ready.

To Do:
  • Theme Upgrade
  • New Smilies
  • Automatic Awards System
  • New Sections & Tabs
  • Betting Plugin (WIP)

Feel free to report any bugs. Questions? Post them here or PM me..
[Image: XLBMF8Y.png]
  • More Spammers Blocked.
  • Spammers will now be auto banned if they try passing certain filters.
  • Signature Size & Dimension limits added.
  • Automatic Nova Upgrade after being approved.
  • Profile Reporting Enabled.
  • Help Documents Updated.
  • Re-wrote the search system and fixed annoying results.
  • Awards Page Updated.
  • Awards Added & Removed.

These are our recent updates. Current stats:

Our members have made a total of 8,480 posts in 735 threads.
We currently have 219 members registered.
Please welcome our newest member, Ink
[Image: XLBMF8Y.png]
  • Profile Tabs Added.
  • New Smilies.
  • Added New Profile Fields for Gamertags, PSN ID & Social Mediums.
  • Optimised Search.
  • Minor Language Fixes.
  • New Sections Added for General Sections which were previously in DH.

That's all for now folks.
[Image: XLBMF8Y.png]
Our members have made a total of 36,902 posts in 3,699 threads.
We currently have 693 members registered.
Please welcome our newest member, David
The most users online at one time was 121 on 08-06-2014 at 12:29 PM
[Image: XLBMF8Y.png]

Apart from these, several other awards were added:
  • Insomnia
  • Gift Award
  • Credit King
  • Gamer
  • Gambler
  • Heart of a Lion
  • Upgrader

All these awards have pretty much descriptions that clearly say how to earn. We added an Awards shop that currently sells Awards that can be bought with credits. More stuff will be added in future. A link to Awards Shop has been added to a dropdown in header link under Credits.

Request Awards forum has been added for those who want to request Awards or make threads about their Custom Awards.

Forum Layout:

The Tabs have been re-arranged and each section has a custom forum icon associated to it. We have added a Drop Zone section that allows you to share free stuff and hold giveaways. We hope that you all will like these stuff.

Upgraded Sections have been re-arranged, so have been the Group Sections. You can make un-official groups now too.

Apart from all these, there have been new smilies addition, links in Header & Footer being updated.

Credits & Betting System:

1vs1 - Minimum Bet

Minimum bet has been reduced to 20 due to most users finding it difficult to the plugin. The aim of this feature is to have fun.

1vs1 - Maximum Bet

Maximum bet has been set to 500. Higher bets go under highroller. This is to ensure sustainance of the credits economy.

High Roller - Minimum Bet

Minimum bet has been reduced to 200. Enjoy betting.

High Roller - Maximum Bet

Maximum bet has been reduced to 2000. Again, this is to prevent economy from being ruined. Winning chance is still 30%. High Roller now has some restrictions due to stablising credit economy. You can highroll upto max of 3 times in a day.

A Month of IcyForums:

We've reached our first month of existance, making over 15,000 posts in last month and being one of the most active General Discussion Forums ever. We have achieved a lot of things and we keep them coming by trying our best to provide you with a platform for a friendly community.

We're selling 2 Usergroups here which you can check out. They come at great prices and features. You won't regret buying one.

We are also having discounted upgrades. You can upgrade here.

Again, thank you for all your support. You can support us by wearing the signature below:

[spoiler][Image: icyforums_signature.gif][/spoiler]
[Image: XLBMF8Y.png]

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