Purchase Credits 2.0.1 released and NewPoints 2.1.2 released .
I created a Payment System for Newpoints
I am beginer in developing my plugins, however i create a Plugin for newpoints.

This plugin is live on http://postingstar.com (i am not advertising, i want to show live working of this plugin... i also upgrade its version so its better to see there)

i am also attaching some screenshots of this plugin, if you give me permission to add/keep here then i will be give you plugin file..

Waiting for reply....

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Looks good but this should be in http://forums.mybb-plugins.com/Forum-Other-Plugins--46 (make sure to read the forum description for rules).
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You did not remove the e-mail address from your last capture, seems unintended considering you did remove it from the first two.
Support PM's will be ignored. Exclamation

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