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Group Rules Not Functioning
I am asking for support for the Group/Forum Rules on the NewPoints Plugin.

It used to work on the forum I am using, but since the last myBB update it seems to not be.

These are the NewPoints Plugins that are active:

[Image: R1sktjV.png]
This is the scheduled tasks are:

[Image: 7ub0Qas.png]
And this is one of the roles I have enabled:

[Image: nH6N5Nd.png]
This does not update to a new amount:

[Image: E9CkIav.png]

As for the hosting itself:
Website Address:

[Image: tFQUi98.png]

MyBB Version 1.8.18
PHP Version 7.0.31
SQL Engine MySQLi 10.1.35

Can you help or tell me what could be going wrong?

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