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ExtraMyBB - Some extras for MyBB
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Site Name: ExtraMyBB.com Community
Site URL: http://extramybb.com
Description: Here you can find some usefull resources (premium + free) for your MyBB board. Until now, there is only one premium mod, but the second one is coming very soon...
This is a new community (opened one day ago). If you have any feedback or if there is anything I can help you, I would like to hear!
First off, I really like the them. Second that, are you using xThreads for your "Plugin Box", I did something similar with my death forum too, looks nice.

All of your plugins seems rather interesting as well. Good luck!
Support PM's will be ignored. Exclamation
For "Plugin Box" I`m not using xThreads, custom MyCode it is used!

Thank you!
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