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As it stands right now, I have a problem with the NewPoints plugin, Shop 8.1. Now, I'm not looking for plugin support, but I was looking to see if the problem has been reported at all. The plugin is definitely broken and I'm not the type to beat a dead horse if what I found has already been posted and the author has already been made aware of the problem. Unfortunately, that has become impossible because apparently not subscribing deems me not worthy of even reading if someone has reported a problem. Look, I get it. Free loaders shouldn't get support, but for the love of God at least provide read-access so we can at least see if someone else has reported a bug, or at least add a "known bugs" list to the original post. This is completely ridiculous that non-subscribers isn't even allowed to read without paying. What's next? Payments just to maintain forum membership access?
Here is the error when attempting to install Shop 8.1 (fresh download) through the NewPoints 2.0 plugin system, under MyBB 1.8.5 (fresh install):

The file remains unedited, so somewhere between updating the plugin from MyBB 1.6.x compatibility to adding MyBB 1.8 compatibility something broke. Do what you want with the information, but please consider read-only access to free plugin threads and free NewPoints plugins, or consider setting up a bug report forum or something to make it easier for people to track and/or report bugs.
It's an issue that happens when you have the strict version of MySQL running. Simply removing the "default '1'" solves it Smile
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