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Thought I would show you all my forum. I'm interested in feedback and anything else you think you need to say feel free to say it. It's appreciated if you register and if you choose to post and be active it's all up to you. I will say that we are growing we now have 15 active members. If you think you can help out the community it would be greatly appreciated. We are a Tech Forum mainly, but we have several other sections. It's a limited time offer right now if you get 50 posts you get into the upgrade group for a lifetime this only goes to 2 members.

Haven't been super active as you can see but we are doing pretty good considering half of our members are active. Any questions let me know, feedback is appreciated.

Thanks for your time!
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I'm in the process of developing this forum. So far it's good were getting a huge amount of traffic from guests but not to many register oddly.

My main goal is to post some tutorials on the site to attract members to register.

We just opened it like 2 days ago.

You can get to it either from:

Feedback is appreciated!
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I think the name is nice but I also think the theme is too much used already
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(11-14-2010, 09:18 PM)Pirata Nervo Wrote: I think the name is nice but I also think the theme is too much used already
I don't have the time nor money to make a custom one yet. I may just make my own but I'll likely pay someone.

Thanks for the feedback I don't think it's that much used I haven't seen it on any forums then the one I own.

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Reviewed using Firefox 4.0 Beta 7

Hi there! My name is Katelynn (or Ayra as my username states), and I figured I'd offer a bit of input on your forum =3 Mind, I'm largely design-oriented, so forgive me if I can't offer a whole lot of input concerning member-management and the like, but I will certainly try! I used to review forums a bit when I used Proboards, so hopefully you don't mind me using a similar system to what I used while there.

  • Colour scheme/Layout:
    I will say right now I'm a sucker for darker colour schemes. They tend to be easier on my eyes (for whatever reason anyway, the more common consensus seems to be that dark text on a light background tends to be more readable funnily enough xD) Needless to say, you'll find no complaints from me when it comes to the black and blue colour scheme you're using. It is a safe combo, so there's really very little you need to worry about when using it. Likewise, the fact that nothing with text on it is pitch black is a definite plus as well. After all, no matter how much I prefer light text on a dark background, white text on pitch black is still a definite no for me. That tends to get hard on the eyes after a while.

    Judging by Pirata's comment, however, from what I can tell your theme is premade, yes? So on that note, this comment is basically a shout out for having pretty good taste, though as a designer I can't help but urge you to try and come up with your own layout! Skinning, with a bit of experimentation and practice, isn't all that hard, and having a unique skin can really help you stand out a lot!

    However, I will offer some critique on some of the member names. I'm not sure whether those colours (such as the yellow and the like) came with the skin or not (unfortunately I don't browse premades that often as I make all my stuff custom, so I wouldn't really know what you did and what was premade xD), but a lot of them are actually very hard on the eyes. Using the purest form of a colour (such as that yellow) is generally a very bad idea seeing the contrast tends to be terribly hard to look at. I would try to tone them done a bit and make them more cohesive with the skin and not quite so glaring. Also, the blue for some of the member names is actually very hard to read. It's a tad dark, so it is sort of blending in with the grey.

  • Images:
    Images are very nice. Really no complaints on my part there. Unfortunately I'm not sure what really would be much good to critique on as I'm not sure what you made and what you didn't xD

  • Logo/Header:
    Simple and to the point! Good call there. The simplicity of your logo makes everything all the more cohesive and it's not distracting, so no complaints.

  • Index:
    I'm going to say right now that I'm really glad you are making use of the built in portal! So many people overlook it, but it really is an extremely useful tool, especially when you customize it to suit exactly what you need! However, you may not need to show that many news posts at once. Shaving off a few won't do any harm, as the posts are taken directly from a board. If people are interested, they can pop over to that board without any problem, and generally the less that needs loaded the better as well. Fortunately, the Mybb system is really efficient in loading time from my experiences, but every little bit helps.

  • Boards: Ah, now then, time to get into more of the specifics! The first thing I would like to bring up is your staff area. It has a separate tab, yes, but unless you happen to be staff it brings up a blank tab! Unfortunately, that means that, for the majority of your members, it happens to just be added clutter. My suggestion for this is, seeing members can't see it anyway, to just add your staff category to your general category. That way your members won't even know it exists to begin with seeing there is no tab sitting there taunting them with a blank area!

    In addition, I would also combine your coding and webmastering categories. While I understand certain coding isn't necessarily dedicated to the web, as a general rule you want to try and cut down on your categories and boards where you can. It becomes less overwhelming for people who are browsing your site. So, for that suggestion, you could really apply it to the rest of your forums as well. Remember, you do have limitless subforums available, so try to use them! If you have a main board that is related to another one particularly closely, then make it a subforum. The less stuff members have to look at at first glance, the better, seeing they will be more inclined to explore a bit if something catches their interest.

  • Posting: I must say, I am thoroughly impressed with the posting activity that seems to be going on. Almost every board has something in it (at least the ones on the main page) save for the ebook section in the marketplace and the java section in coding. Even for those, I would try to post a little something just to get discussion started.

  • Domain: Both are fairly easy to remember, so good going there. Cyber Loft is an easy name to remember. It is a pity you couldn't snag the .com for it, as the general response for most people is to use .com, but it is not a huge issue =3

  • Topic: Now, I will say that I, admittedly, am not a large goer of topic forums like this. I am largely a roleplayer, so most of the time my forums (and, therefore, my memberships) are on roleplaying forums. Therefore, I can't really offer a whole lot of input in this area as most of the time when I review I give feedback on story/plot/ect. HOWEVER, I will say that try to seek out something unique to really push your forum to the forefront! As it stands, I see technology forums like this all over the place, so what is really urging a potential member to pick your forum over another one? Unfortunately, that's a problem that a lot of forums focusing on popular topics face, which, actually, brings me full circle to my design review. I repeat that you'll benefit in the long run if you learn to code your own layouts! The one you have has a very techie feel, so I wouldn't doubt that, even if you haven't seen it, another forum like your's hasn't picked up the same theme.

    A lot of internet-goers are very visual. I'll even admit that, a lot of times, I tend to have a lot more difficulty staying with a site if I don't like the skin, and while, as I mentioned, your skin has good-taste, if there's another one out there that someone has seen, then it'll start picking away at the interest people have.

Hopefully I was, at the very least, some help =3 I apologize if this review is a tad bit long, but I like to be at least a bit thorough when I do these things xD If you have any questions or need any clarification as to anything I said, feel free to ask me to reiterate.

On that note, I do hope you still have the same skin up that Pirata was talking about xD Otherwise I'm going to feel like a right idiot.
woah giant review. and yes it's still the same skin Tongue
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