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BeatDj.Net // The New Generation in music games!

Link: http://www.BeatDJ.net
Description of the forum: BeatDj is a music game and dance simulators community. We talk about our Dance games as rhythm games, also we talka bout anime and random stuff, we also are between the only 4 sites in all the world where do we have a private music game server (o2jam), Sadly it's in SPanish (my native language) but everybody there talks english, also the forum haves english language pack and translation system Tongue
so if u want, give it try!

P.D Sorry for coping Trinit the template Tongue

[Image: glas.png]
I have one suggestion, make the tabs the colour of the thead of the tables
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New skin
give me your oppinions!

[Image: glas.png]

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