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Attachment Downloads Log 2.1
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Logs who downloads attachments. The name and if of the attachments are logged as well and the date of the download too.
You can choose which forums and groups are not logged.
Logs can be deleted manually and pruned.

Adds a section to the ModCP from which moderators can view all logs and filter them (it is not possible to delete or prune from ModCP).

[Image: 1J1isi8s.png]
[Image: xGD72A7s.png]

Change Log
Version 2.1
  • Adds MyBB 1.8 compatibiity.

Version 2.0
  • Added page to ModCP with the following features:

    • Sort by username (asc|desc)
    • Sort by download date (asc|desc)
    • Filter by attachment ID
    • Filter by attachment name (search by name)
    • Filter by primary usergroup
    • Filter by user ID
  • Setting to allow certain groups to access it.
  • Setting to exclude attachments from ModCP logs.
  • Setting to exclude usergroups from ModCP logs.

Version 1.1
  • Compatible with MyBB 1.6.
  • Changed license to GPLv3.

Plugin is attached to this post.

If you find any bugs, please report them please. (if you're not a subscriber, fee free to PM me for bug reports, not for support)

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