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[$10 Competition | Custom Theme] ForumByte - Leaks, Graphics & Discussions!
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Hello and welcome to the official thread for ForumByte.

We are a discussion board with Leaks, Graphics and General Discussions which contains HQ posts. We're a new community so we're quite new to this. We're one day old and nearly have 50 threads already. We have three upgrades, MEGA, GIGA, TERA. We're currently hosting a upgrade contest, you can visit the link Here!.All come with benefits exclusive to that group. We have a custom theme made by me (L34XXOR) so we look unique and different to every other forum.  With friendly staff, you can always get help no matter what the time is. At ForumByte, everything is fair. Follow the rules and you'll have a brilliant time!

Come, join us at ForumByte here.

Official referral contest here:

Official upgrading contest here:

Thank You for reading!
I must say your forum looks amazing Smile Good luck!
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(01-28-2015, 09:12 PM)Diogo Parrinha Wrote: I must say your forum looks amazing Smile Good luck!

Thanks Pirata, appreciate it Smile
New posting competition, every user who does 50 posts will be upgraded.

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