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OUGC awards align issue, please help! - DaNnIbOi - 03-11-2017


I'm using the ougc awards.

Can someone help me use the right code to get the awards lined next to each other? (like here on nulled)

I have tried editing it to look like this so far:
[Image: fAIiCiA.png]

Here is the code I have;

<table border="0" cellspacing="" cellpadding="" class="tborder">
<td class="thead" colspan="2">
<td class="trow2">{$awardlist}</td></tr>
</table> <br />

<td class="{$trow} style="vertical-align: middle;">
<a href="{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/awards.php?view={$award['aid']}" title="{$award['name']}"><img src="{$award['image']}" alt="{$award['name']}" /></a>

Any help is MUCH appreciated!!

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