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Few problems & Questions - Darrakas - 12-22-2015

Hey. One of our forums staff noticed bug in the Hide Content plugin. When ever you go to the Profile page and click "View all posts", it will shot content inside the hide tag, without unlocking it: -I don't know how should i try to fix that, so if you know, please share your knowledge with me Sad!

Also, we are using latest MySubscriptions plugin, downloaded from here. Problem is, we would want to offer lifetime subscriptions. Yes, subscription refers to prerioided membership, but other Membership/VIP/Subscription plugins are outaded, unstable or just does not work. I tried to find solution to this from google, it redirected to this site, because someone other has asked it, but there was no answers in that thread. It was just marked "Solved".

So yeah, thanks in advanced, hope you have solution for my problems!

Forgot to ask, is there way to add sales/coupons to the MySubscription plugin? If not, how much it costs to ask someone of you create custom plugin for that?..

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