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newpoint by groups - ridharezzag - 08-09-2015

Hi before i decide to subscribe need some info
i want to know if the newpoint plugin support group permission means that only groups selected are allowed to participate in newpoint let me know please thank you

RE: newpoint by groups - Diogo Parrinha - 08-09-2015


I didn't understand what you mean by "newpoint plugin support group permission" and "allowed to participate in newpoint".

RE: newpoint by groups - ridharezzag - 08-10-2015

i mean let say there is group 1 and group 2 we want only group 2 to be be allowed to participate in the system of newpoint. all group 2 members their threads and posts and referrals are accounted as you build the system but group 1 all the members in it there posts and threads are not accounted and they don't have the new point point on their profiles at all . please let me know im trying this plugin its awesome but i have a big board with thousands of members i have to study your plugin before implement it .thank you

RE: newpoint by groups - Diogo Parrinha - 08-10-2015

What you can do is say group X cannot earn any points at all, so they are always at 0 points.