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Shop 1.8 issue - erich199 - 12-15-2014


I got New Points installed and working great. I wanted to install the shop plugin. This is the sql error I get when trying to install/activate:

SQL Error:
   1067 - Invalid default value for 'items_rate'
   ALTER TABLE `mybb_newpoints_grouprules` ADD `items_rate` DECIMAL(3,3) NOT NULL default '1';


So I chanted the mysql query to this
$db->write_query("ALTER TABLE `".TABLE_PREFIX."newpoints_grouprules` ADD `items_rate` DECIMAL(3,3) NOT NULL default '1,0';");
It installed, but now I don't see the "Shop" tag in the New Point admin to add the categories.

So, it wasn't working because I wasn't logged into my "Super Admin" account. Once I logged into that account, the shop worked fine.

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