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Can shop items have functionality? - Annarchy - 08-05-2014

Hello, I run a forum and I recently installed the shop, Newpoints, and other plugins.

Can Shop items have functionality of any sort? I'm new to MyBB, I just swapped over from Simple Machines Forums 2...
I would love to be able to do some of below, the big things everybody keeps asking me to add back, is the ability to steal, gamble, and do lotteries. Are there any shop plugins that can do this?

I have a basic knowledge of code and web design.

The SMF Shop could do a bunch of fun gimmicks, such as:
  • Add 100 to your own Post Count
  • Change Another's Title
  • Change your Display Name
  • Change your Username
  • Change Your Title
  • Decrease another's Posts by 100
  • Increase Karma +5
  • Increase Total Time logged in
  • Gamble for a Random Money alotment (negative or positive)
  • Steal Credits (you choose username, if it succeeds, steals random amount... fail makes you lose karma)
  • Sticky a Topic
  • Or just a useless item, like a rock

RE: Can shop items have functionality? - Diogo Parrinha - 08-05-2014

Nope, this is for virtual items. Nothing's automatic.