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problem with plugin Uninstall ? - khurram4m - 07-14-2014

I have just finished developing a free plugin for community everything is working fine except Uninstall function

At first I was just using Activate/deactivate and it worked fine,but later I devided the code to follow standard,

No what happens is when I click uninstall (in plugin managment) I receive "successfull" message but control link doesn't change i.e from "Uninstall" to "Install" ideally I should see "Install & activate"

I need to know which specific table enetry is associated with it what I'm doing wrong?

below is my code
PHP Code:
function mymodtools_uninstall()
$db->delete_query("templates""title IN('moderation_tools')");

$db->query("DELETE FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."settings WHERE name ='my_address'");
$db->query("DELETE FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."settinggroups WHERE name='my_tool'");


find_replace_templatesets("showthread_inlinemoderation""#".preg_quote('<option value="myconfigtools">{$lang->my_tools}</option>')."#i"''0);


Problem is now solved Actually I wasn't using is_installed function ,MyBB needs this to determine if a plugin is installed or not..... Wink

PHP Code:
function mymodtools_is_installed () {