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My feedback on the custom plugin service - Karmah - 05-25-2014

Hello everyone,

After ordering 5 custom plugins, I think it's time to throw out some feedback.

The service is:
  • Cheap. - I paid $75 for one of my plugins and it was totally worth it. I would have even paid more for it, after looking at the huge code.
  • Professional - No matter what, you will always receive support. Even after you paid.
  • Interest. - Pirata is showing interest in your ideas/orders. I've never seen where a guy is such interested in your projects.
  • Fast. - He works really fast. The longest waiting time I had was about a week for a really big plugin. (without counting the support time)
  • No worries. - You don't have to worry about something isn't working or can't be done. Pirata is always providing ideas to make something working even if it's hard to implement. Everything will work in the end.

I think we all know people which provide a service and after you paid, they're not interested in your project anymore and won't help you at all. Well, this doesn't apply here. You'll receive support, no matter what it is, or how dumb your question is.
I'd never purchase this service from someone else. I spent a lot of money here - the work Pirata provides here is definitely worth it and I don't regret a single cent paying for it.

I'm more than satisfied with the work Pirata provides and I'm looking forward to order more plugins in future.

RE: My feedback on the custom plugin service - Diogo Parrinha - 05-25-2014

It's so good to see people happy, it really fascinates me Tongue Thank you very much for your comments.

RE: My feedback on the custom plugin service - deathcrow - 06-09-2014

I have had multiple plugins ordered from him as well and I completely agree with all that you said. He is the older developer that I would order plugins from!